Budgeting-The Road Map to Profitability

Budgeting-The Road Map to Profitability

29 Nov 08:00 - 30 Nov 16:00 - Lusaka
ZICA- Accountants Park


In today's world the problem with budgeting is that very often we are wrong- not wildly wrong in most cases, but wrong enough to make our budget inaccurate. What we thought would happen may not happen due to some changes in the economy. The workshop training will focus on the QUARTERLY BUDGET REFORECAST.
In essence, if we could accurately predict what was going to happen in the future we would all be wealthy, world peace would be guaranteed, and we could all lead a happy and balanced life. As a result of this uncertainty throughout the year, we need to commit to revising our original projection based on these new assumptions or events.
In summary, the key outcomes for this workshop training are as follows :-
1. To Implement Quarterly Rolling Planning,
2. To Apply Quarterly Reforecasts on Xero,

3. To Explore alternatives for budgeting and lastly,
4. To Learners, one will know how to calculate variances from budget.
For more information and registration do email us. hope to see you there!

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