Strategic Planning - Steer your Business in the right Direction!

Strategic Planning - Steer your Business in the right Direction!

27 Sep 08:00 - 28 Sep 16:00 - Lusaka
ZICA- Accountants Park


This training program will educate you on development and use of strategic management concepts in successful businesses within dynamic and diverse environments.
In addition this training is designed for small to medium sized enterprise business owners who make strategic and operational business decisions for their companies and manage the day to day operations of their businesses. The companies must have been in existence for about 3 years.
In conclusion, the key areas that will be touched on for the training are as follows:-
1.) To formulate organizational vision, mission, goals, and values.
2.) To analyze, develop, and establish organizational priorities.
3.) To recognise and understand the importance of making and implementing strategies.

3.) Develop strategies and action plans to achieve an organization's vision, mission, and goals.
4.) Lastly, to Identify the relationship between assumptions, action plans, and financial projections.

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ZICA- Accountants Park ZICA- Accountants Park
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