Understanding Your Numbers - Management Accounts.

Understanding Your Numbers - Management Accounts.

30 Aug 08:00 - 31 Aug 16:00 - Lusaka
ZICA- Accountants Park


Come One, Come All. If you are a Manager or your own boss of a small or medium business.Most definitely you will need information for planning, control and decision making of your business day to day runnings. Management accounting plays a huge role at this stage and its provides you useful information that allows informed decisions to be made throughout the year. Hence, this leads to improved performance of your business development.
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Budgeting-The Road Map to Profitability

29 Nov 08:00 - 30 Nov 16:00 29 Nov 08:00 - 30 Nov 16:00 - Lusaka Lusaka
ZICA- Accountants Park ZICA- Accountants Park
In today's world the problem with budgeting is that very often we are wrong-not wildly wrong in most cases, but wrong enough to make our budget inaccurate. What we thought would...   More info

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